Train with me


If you’re here, you’re most likely seeking a physical change:
Fat loss.
Muscle gain.
New tone, strength,
and energy.

I’m here to help you achieve those goals with a workout program that is uniquely tailored to you.


My approach is to use techniques pulled from a variety of different fitness systems, formulated by me to specifically to meet your needs.

  • Yoga

  • Boxing

  • CrossFit

  • Endurance training

  • Superslow training

  • Olympic Weightlifting

  • Strength training


We discuss your goals, your limitations.

You tell me how you want to




What you want to accomplish

–and I’ll get you there as fast and as safely as possible.

I don’t train my 25-year-old male athletes the way I train my 50-year-old moms.

Everyone gets their own program because every body is different.
And every body changes day-to-day, so the program shifts accordingly.

As a result, my clients get terrific results.

They lose fat, they gain muscle.
They look amazing at the beach.
They look amazing in formal wear.
They don’t get bored.
They don’t get injured.
And they feel great.

Fitness programs won’t work if you’re exhausted and sore all the time.
A workout session should be a “tuning” as well as a “training” for your body.
You should leave the gym feeling better than when you walked in:
walking taller, feeling less stressed and more energetic, more focused, and more like yourself.


2008: CSCS-NSCA (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, National Strength and Conditioning Association)

Guild-Certified Practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method®

I started working with Andrew a little over a year ago. He is by far, the best trainer I’ve ever worked with. He has tremendous intuition and always seems to know exactly what my body needs…he knows when and how far to push, when to ease up. Working with him I’ve gotten progressively stronger and more comfortable in my body. I am a 48 year old woman and I’ve never been in better shape-lean and strong, I feel terrific. I also have tremendous confidence in Andrew’s knowledge about me as a pre-menopausal woman–helping me to get stronger and healthier as I ease in to this next chapter. He knows what to demand of my body. I love the way Andrew ends each session with various exercises that he uses to help relax the body and mind. Andrew is an artist, and I would recommend him to anyone.

Lisa H.


Before working with Andrew, I felt like I was ten years older than I was. As an executive producer of a television show, my life is about managing crises that arise at a moments notice and working very long hours at a high stress point. Andrew not only works hard to strengthen my body but also endeavors to provide new ways to tune out all the noise around me and re-focus on myself. He is a personal trainer par excellence, possessing a great sense of humor, a huge heart, and an inquiring mind. He is constantly researching new trends in fitness and in health to help serve his clients better. I cannot recommend Andrew more highly; there’s a reason so many members of my show’s staff now go to him. Not only do I now feel *younger* than my age, but I also have the stamina and strength of mind to make it through my long days with ease. Thank you, Andrew, for changing my life!

Josh S.

Executive Producer

Andrew’s the best! I started training with him because I was going to be a bridesmaid in a few weddings in the upcoming year. The problem was that I hadn’t worn a sleeveless dress in years. I told Andrew I was self-conscious of my arms and wanted to focus on toning them. We spent a lot of time lifting weights and using machines that worked solely on them. Not only did I lose weight but my arms look fantastic! At the weddings, everyone thought I looked great and slim. I never would have had the confidence to go sleeveless without Andrew!

Jeanne L.

Television Writer


Current hourly rates for in-gym training are $120.00.

Fee includes use of locker room facility at one of the private gyms listed in red below.

In-home hourly private training rates start at $150.00 but can vary depending on your location and required driving time.


I train clients in one of two conveniently-located private training facilities in the Los Angeles area.

I also train people out of my home in Glendale, and am happy to train you privately in your home, personal fitness facility, or location of your choice (rates vary depending on location).

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